Setting aside time for yourself can have a positive impact on your overall mood as well as help you boost your resilience.

Do you find yourself frustrated and angry when life throws even small irritations your way? Try the #MeTime challenge and we’ll guide you through 4 weeks of mindfulness techniques to help you build your self-awareness and identify and manage your emotions.

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What is #TRYit?

We all know that life has its ups and downs. Many of us make plans for the future that includes the ‘ups’ but we often don’t anticipate the ‘downs’ in quite the same way.

When we’re inevitably confronted with life’s challenges, some of us appear better equipped to deal with them than others. This inner strength is resilience.

Like any skill, resilience can be learned, it just takes some practice.

Our #TRYit challenges help lay the foundations for resilience, building skills like giving ourselves some ‘me time’, taking moderate exercise and getting sufficient good quality sleep so that we can set ourselves up to thrive.

The Challenge: #Metime

Taking some time for yourself could have a big impact on how you feel. Pledge to join the challenge and try some mindfulness techniques for 4 weeks.

The #MeTime #TRYit challenge starts on 15 May 2017 and we’ll be here to support you along the way. What are the rules? Read our frequently asked questions.

- Eugene Farrell


Expert Guidance

Mental health expert at AXA PPP healthcare Eugene Farrell shares with us some of the benefits you might find from taking some #MeTime:

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With a calm mind and body we can help improve our sleep, our mental health and better deal with life’s challenges when they arise.

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Naturally, we can tend to jump to negative and automatic thoughts. Mindfulness practice aims to make us aware of these negative thoughts and emotions so that we can choose a more positive path.

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We’re often preoccupied with worry about the future and the past. Mindfulness can teach us how to enjoy the present as it happens.

Are you ready to #Tryit?

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